University’s ‘Bias-Free’ Language Guide A National Embarrassment According To Republicans

Concord, NH…New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today called on Governor Maggie Hassan to ask University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston to remove the “bias-free language guide” from the school’s website. President Huddleston has distanced himself from the guidelines but allowed them to remain on a prominent section of the university’s website.

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“As a proud mother of an incoming UNH student, I am outraged by the ridiculous ‘bias-free’ language guide posted on the university’s website. At a time when the university has asked for more taxpayer dollars and raised tuition rates for students, it is infuriating to see the school devote faculty time and resources to crafting these foolish guidelines.

“Not only are these guidelines absurd, they are offensive and unpatriotic. UNH students should be proud to be called ‘Americans’, and any effort to disparage the use of this word should not be promoted with university resources. While I appreciate President Huddleston’s willingness to express concerns about these guidelines, he still needs to order their immediate removal them from the university website.

“This controversy has turned into a national embarrassment for UNH and the State of New Hampshire. Governor Hassan needs to put an end to this humiliating situation by asking President Huddleston to remove the insulting language guidelines from the university’s website. The University of New Hampshire is an outstanding institution, and it’s time for Governor Hassan to step in and provide the leadership required to protect its image and integrity.”


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