Congressman Guinta On Devising Solutions for New Hampshire

Manchester, NH…Dear Granite Staters,  No state better understands the importance of townhalls than the Granite State.  As your representative to Washington, I appreciate every opportunity to listen to your concerns, receive your feedback and collaborate with you to create common-sense solutions that address the issues preventing job and economic growth in our state and nation.

That’s why, this week, I hosted my 10th townhall of the year building on my commitment to you to make Washington work better for New Hampshire.  Among other topics, constituents asked about the Iran deal, student loans, veterans care and more.  To all those whom were able to attend, thank you for coming out and sharing your thoughts with me.  For those of you whom were unable to attend, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Moving forward, with the launch of my new initiative, “We the People,” my office is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Our “We the People” Initiative serves as another way for you to stay in contact with me – especially if you are unable to attend my townhalls, telephone townhalls or other events around the District.

To share your legislative feedback and suggestions with me on how we can better our state and nation, please call or text me at 603-250-6850 or email me at

We’ve already had hundreds of responses and ideas.  Just last week, I spoke with Dorian from North Conway, New Hampshire about his concerns with our state’s growing heroin problem.  I appreciated the opportunity to hear just how this epidemic is affecting him and his family; and, also ways to improve and strengthen our state’s response to combat it.

These interactions and conversations are vital to the legislating process.  It is with your opinions and your stories that I can personalize these issues to my colleagues in the House of Representatives to press for action and make responsible changes to the way Washington works.


After speaking with Dorian last week about our state’s heroin epidemic, I wanted to update you on what I’m doing in Congress and back home to help combat this problem.  As you probably know, heroin and other illicit drugs are now killing more Granite Staters than traffic accidents, bringing into clear focus our state’s heroin emergency.  This is unacceptable, and must be dealt with immediately.

Just this week, I hosted a heroin roundtable (pictured to the left) in Plaistow to hear from first responders, medical practitioners and substance abuse counselors.  As your representative to Congress, one of my top priorities is working with stakeholders, families and my colleagues in both the House and Senate to raise awareness to this problem and put forth legislative action.

Earlier this spring, I hosted a heroin summit with Congresswoman Annie Kuster.  Over 100 Granite Staters were in attendance, including local representatives, health officials and advocates.  As a result of the summit, I’m working on a bipartisan bill to provide our local law enforcement with the tools necessary to lower crime, overdoses and keep our state safe.

Just last month, I was also able to secure $5 million for our nation’s drug courts through an amendment which passed the House of Representatives unanimously.  Governing effectively can take place in Washington; but, I can’t do it without your ideas, your stories and your suggestions.  So, I’d like to hear from you.

How do you think our nation should combat our state’s heroin problem?
[ ] Stricter punishment for heroin possession


[ ] Increased funding for drug courts


[ ] Increased level of funding for educational and preventative efforts


[ ] Expand the ability for law enforcement and medical officials to use Narcan, to reverse the effects of overdoses and save lives


[ ] [          ]

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Last week, I had the privilege of meeting with Skye Archibald (pictured to the right) – an 11-year old, Exeter-native who was in Washington, D.C. as a New Hampshire delegate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation during their annual Children’s Congress.  Skye was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 9; and, since has been a vocal advocate – both at the state and national level – to help bring about change, raise awareness and find a cure for diabetes.

In fact, she was vital in getting a state bill passed and signed into law by our state’s governor, Maggie Hassan.  Her story, her action and her dedication to the cause were extremely inspiring.

During our meeting, Skye asked that I cosponsor H.R. 1427 – a bipartisan bill to provide increased coverage of a vital tool which monitors glucose levels to ensure blood sugar levels are normal and healthy.  Skye’s professionalism and knowledge of the bill resulted in me cosponsoring this bill.

It’s bright and dedicated students, like Skye, that make me beyond proud to call the Granite State “home.”



Frank Guinta
Member of Congress

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